SG Spec Fic: Submissions call for steampunk anthology!


Spec fic writers based in Singapore, a heads up! My lovely friend Sarah and her Adventure Crew are once again banding together to form the Happy Smiley Writers group, the same ones who produced last year’s wonderfully optimistic anthology of apocalyptic stories, Happiness At The End Of The World. This year, they are going with the gears and the goggles and the fancy lacy clothes: it’s STEAMPUNK TIME!

Despite being terrible at writing happy endings, I will be taking part in this anthology. I may even be doodling something for the cover! Who knows.

Here is the official press release that Sarah has been sending out:

August 2010

Asian Science Fiction and Fantasy (an imprint of Two Trees) and The Happy Smiley Writers Group are calling for submissions for the second in their sci-fi short story anthology series.

Following on the success of their first anthology, Happiness at the End of the World, Happy Smiley and Friends are going Steampunk.

Steampunk Short Story Guidelines:

  1. Theme is science fiction steampunk with a happy ending.
  2. Word length between 2000 and a firm 6000 words.
  3. Deadline for submissions is 31st October.
  4. Open to any age, any nationality but must be resident in Singapore. (Singaporeans studying overseas are eligible.)
  5. Mail submissions to

Rights and Rules:

  1. All stories must the original work of the author. Previously published stories are welcome if the author has retained the rights.
  2. Please submit either a Microsoft Word Doc or RTF file.
  3. Use the manuscript and style guidelines on
  4. Stories are required to contain a happy or a non-depressive ending with no supernatural or magical elements.
  5. Average response time is 30 days. Please do not query before November 30.
  6. Payment will be set according to royalties, divided between all the writers in the anthology.
  7. All submissions chosen for the anthology may be edited.
  8. The editor’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  9. Copyright remains with the author.
  10. By submitting work, the author agrees to all the terms and conditions above.

What is Steampunk?
Steampunk stories are usually set in the Victorian era with prominent elements of science fiction or fantasy with fictional technological inventions.

What we’re looking for:
Read our first anthology of post-apocalypse sci-fi Happiness at the End of the World by Happy Smiley and Friends ( to get a good idea of the kind of stories we’re looking for. What we want are original fun stories that engage the reader’s imagination. Something that is not usually written in school compositions or in typical Singapore fiction. We want something that is different from what people think Singaporeans will write.

What we don’t want:
No graphic violence, explicit sex/erotica scenes nor do we want negative or derogatory stories with highly racial/political/religious themes. Keep it to a young adult rating if you can. No vampires, no wizards, no werewolves! Save that for a later anthology.

For more information or inquiries please email or

Find out more about this anthology, and Happiness At The End Of The World, from the TwoTrees website.