I figured I’d better update this thing, since I realised this week, to my horror, that I actually linked the blog in the bio I sent in to Ceriph several months back. And its been published.

So, if you’re here because you followed a link from the back of Ceriph, hello and welcome. This blog is not… entirely dead. I just haven’t had the time to write much since I moved into a new job (with the local media) a couple of months back.

I should probably fix that.

Anyway, do feel free to hang around and riffle through the few stories that I do have in here. Some of them are better than the others, but for me the important thing is that I keep writing and sharing my stories, no matter how good/bad they are. Which is why I’m making it a new resolution of mine to continue writing–even the tiniest little stories–despite how busy I’ve come to be since my new job started.



Portrait Of The Writer As A Self-Indulgent Hack

Camwhoring. The art of shamelessly taking a self portrait with your own camera to upload on social media websites, an act usually performed in bedrooms, washrooms and other places where you can be by yourself and away from people who might stare.  In Chinese, we call it 自拍, and it carries with it the faint tang of vainpot self-aggrandizement: 拍自己的马屁.*

I managed achieve 自拍 on a DSLR. On full manual. In public. I’m not sure what this says about me, really. **


*this literally translates to “smacking your own horse ass” and it is about as complimentary as it sounds.

**technically, my GH1 is a Micro 4/3rds and not a DSLR per se. But that’s just quibbling.

SiMF contest results: my first webzine submission!


So, the cat’s finally out of the bag! The story I submitted to the Science In My Fiction contest, “Carrier Signal”, placed second and will be published online at Crossed Genres, as well as being included in a limited print edition that will go out to libraries and folks who pre-ordered it. Holy cow but am I thrilled about this.

The news would be a real cause for celebration anyhow–my story! Published! And in print!–but this milestone particularly significant for me.  I basically popped my webzine submission cherry with this story– first time submitting something to a zine somewhere, ever!–and I thought it was a pretty long shot in the dark.  While blindfolded and with one hand tied behind my back. To have actually it win something was something I hadn’t dared to hope for (yes, I am brimming over with confidence in my writing abilities. Chock-full, I tell ya!) So here I am, still slightly awed and gobsmacked, and very much thankful to the judges, & the editors of Crossed Genres.

“Carrier Signal”, the story I submitted, tells of two fugitive brothers seeking an illegal surgical procedure in a world where biotech-enhanced augmented reality has become a part of daily life. Here’s the contest results post on the SiMF blog with links to all 3 of the winning stories! (The stories are subscriber-only though, which was part of the terms of the contest.)


I am now on Wordpress!

For the longest time, I have resisted getting myself a WordPress blog, stubbornly clinging to the idea that my Livejournal account was more than enough for all my blogging needs. And for many years now– since 2003y, really– that has proven to be true.

But things change. They always do. That’s life for you. And certain developments of late have convinced me that I need to separate the blogposts for/about my writing & creative endeavors from the more personal stuff. Hence, this WordPress blog.

What goes here? Fiction (long, short and very short), thoughts about writing, videography, photography and art. And also related things.

Here’s to a successful blog!