100 Word Fiction #14: The Pros & Cons Of Being Dead

“Don’t go to your own funeral,” he said gloomily. “Trust me, I know. The people who are upset will upset you, and the people who aren’t upset will upset you.”

“But I need the closure,” she insisted.

“Closure’s for the living. They go to the funeral, cry a bit, and then they move on. Meanwhile we’re just stuck here.”

“That’s depressing. So there aren’t any perks to ghosthood? At all?”

As he considered this, a slow smile crept across his face. “Of course there are. You get to walk through things. And scare the crap out of living people.” She looked at the little crinkles under his eyes, and thought, maybe being dead isn’t so bad after all.

(AN: Sometimes, I have stories that come out as pitches for entire live-action television series. This little exchange sprang from one of those ideas, which was a not-terribly-original idea about psychics, homicide detectives, and dead people.)


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