Microfic: The Proper Use of Phraseology

Happy 2011! This year, I resolve to write & post more fiction on this blog. Let’s start here with something small, and perhaps a little silly.


The coffee cup banged so hard on the desk its contents sloshed out and liberally splattered over her keyboard. She swore a lot louder than necessary.

Alice peered over the cubicle wall. “Something wrong?”

“It’s that Angus from Accounting! He’s been impersonating me all day. I can’t take it. Some of us actually have work to do!”

Alice rolled her headful of eyes. “Ignore him. Just let the little turn waste his time on pranks.”

“He told my supervisor that the polytechnic project would be done by the end of the week. How am I supposed to tell him that it’s actually going to take a month?”

“Just tell him? Your sup should know better than to take unverified stuff when there’s a shifter in the office.”

“I can’t work like this, Alice. I just can’t.”

“Then talk to HR, they deal with shit like this. Or quit. It’s better than suffering.”

“Oh come on, darling, there’s really no need to talk to those sticks in the mud over a harmless prank, is there? And quitting, oh, that’s such a silly notion.”

She and Alice both looked up in shock. Dan was standing over the cubicle partition, wearing a lizardy expression that did not belong on his face, as whole and corporeal as he had been when they’d first met him. But Dan was gone. He had sublimed back to his own dimension, some weeks past.

“Angus,” she said very slowly as memories threatened her inner calm and an indescribable coldness boiled within her, “I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but–

“For the love of the gods. Please revert back to me.”


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