Microfic: The Archangels Discuss That Book


“This book. It is unspeakably terrible.”

“I know. I can’t imagine it would have crawled out of the slush pile, had circumstances been different.”

“I do not refer to the writing. That alone is execrable enough, but the things it teaches would terrify me, if I were capable of it. Obsession, control, sick fantasy… Absolutely vile.”

“It gets worse in later books.”

“Later books? That implies that there are more.”

“You didn’t know about them?”


“Yes, yes, I get it, you don’t pay attention. You never do. There are several books in this series, and they don’t get any better.”

“I assume that they are indecently popular.”

“A lot of children like them. Young girls.”

“How many of them are they?”

“Millions, probably.”


The book thumps shut in concert to a heavy sigh, and Gabriel looks at his brother. “Say what you want about Lucifer, but he very much knows how to make a good deal for himself.”



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