Microfic: Blind Item


Oh, that! It’s my newest display item. You like it? I saw it while I was out shopping a few weeks ago. Impulse buy, which seems like a stupid  idea now that I think of it. Considering that it was on sale as one of those random blind items, I could have gotten something completely ugly.

But I hardly ever think about those things, and anyway, I got a fantastic deal out of it. Just look at it! It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? The skin’s so beautiful, and they’ve tinted the eyes just right. The detailing on the clothes is fantastic, it looks just like one of those porcelain dolls. And it cost a lot less too, not that you could tell, looking at it. I’m really delighted with it.

It’s too bad I couldn’t get a larger display case for it. You know, when I first brought it home, it kept pounding the glass and crying to be let out, but lately it’s gone very quiet. I think it’s beginning to like it in there.

I hope it lasts long enough to outgrow that cabinet.



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