SiMF contest results: my first webzine submission!


So, the cat’s finally out of the bag! The story I submitted to the Science In My Fiction contest, “Carrier Signal”, placed second and will be published online at Crossed Genres, as well as being included in a limited print edition that will go out to libraries and folks who pre-ordered it. Holy cow but am I thrilled about this.

The news would be a real cause for celebration anyhow–my story! Published! And in print!–but this milestone particularly significant for me.  I basically popped my webzine submission cherry with this story– first time submitting something to a zine somewhere, ever!–and I thought it was a pretty long shot in the dark.  While blindfolded and with one hand tied behind my back. To have actually it win something was something I hadn’t dared to hope for (yes, I am brimming over with confidence in my writing abilities. Chock-full, I tell ya!) So here I am, still slightly awed and gobsmacked, and very much thankful to the judges, & the editors of Crossed Genres.

“Carrier Signal”, the story I submitted, tells of two fugitive brothers seeking an illegal surgical procedure in a world where biotech-enhanced augmented reality has become a part of daily life. Here’s the contest results post on the SiMF blog with links to all 3 of the winning stories! (The stories are subscriber-only though, which was part of the terms of the contest.)



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